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Mackenzie Mauro brings his lyrical photographer’s eye to the editing suite by following an innate curiosity for people, places, and lives as lived. As a director who also cut his own character-driven urban thriller, Mackenzie’s feature filmmaking informs his impassioned editorial work for clients. It all comes down to the truth of character. Mackenzie strives to craft relatable human stories that capture the feeling of the character’s experience, whether hyperkinetic or deeply expressive. He believes in an immersive engagement with the footage, because the best moments of connectivity can happen outside of “action” and “cut.” Mackenzie enjoys working with creatives and clients to strip back exposition and find the most resonant textures and moments to draw in viewers and inspire them. His process is collaborative and inquisitive, and Mackenzie loves the energy of open discussion in his suite to spark the ideas that make a piece stand out with that extra, unexpected magic. His first feature film as director, Exposure 36, was released in 2022 by Gravitas Ventures.



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